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Social Robotics

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More than 750 clinical stusies have highlighted the positive impact of social robots in the treatment of autism:

  • Repetitive and stereotyped behaviors of autistic children are decreased in interaction with the robot
  • Interacting with the robots improve communication and language development
  • Autistic children have numerous social behaviors towards robots with characteristics similar to those that typically
HERO Robots

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at home to store data about their interaction with robots in a more familiar context (in continuity with the activities carried out at the health facilities), using a different robot.

in health facilities (or other facilities where autistic children may receive care, for example schools, association, professional studies), where children are supported by clinicians and therapists during their interaction with robots


Our Robots


For the treatment of autistic children at home:

  • Progressive - stimulates gradually social interaction
  • Autonomous - does not require the presence of adults, ideal at home
  • Attentive - its sensors analyze behavior automatically


For the treatment with the terapist or caregiver of autistic children:

  • Adaptable - offers already 18 treatments
  • Customizable - allows the programming of new treatments
  • Easy to use - during treatment