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Serious Games

Our "serious games" are designed to combine the fun of video games with learning activities. Kids learn while having fun. Therefore, our games address important topics but at a child-friendly level. In order to do so, the games are designed with the help of professionals such as educators and pediatricians. Hero Serious Games are safe and offer parents the possibility to monitor children's activities and follow their improvements.

Games are based on gamification of important learning subjects, through the use of augmented reality that catch kids’ attention. We are developing different serious games depending on the developmental age of the child based on different topics.

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My Clinical Trial Center

My Clinical Trial Center aims to explain clinical research to children. In fact, it aims to explaining what clinical trials are, how they work and why they are so important to develo suitable drugs for children, in a fun way. It is extremely informative, as game-players will learn about clinical trials, study protocol, informed consent and assent in children, phases and procedures of clinical trials, data collection, and pharmacovigilance. My clinical Trial Center has been developed by iCAN groups KIDS Albania and KIDS Bari, with the support of CVBF and TEDDY Network.